Company Profile: DTS Security Products

Table of Contents:

» Company Introduction

» Mission Statement

» Company History

» Founders & Directors

» General Statistics of Company

Company Introduction:

Dts Security Products was established in 1990 (originally Duro Trading Supplies.) It was originally a hardware store in a shopping centre. In 1992 Duro was moved to Jet Park and established as an industrial supply dealer.
In the same year we started manufacturing gate motors and distributing security products.
In 2004, the security division was separated and Dts Security products came into being. A huge investment was made in equipment and infrastructure to design and manufacture quality security products.

Mission Statement:

Our aim is to manufacture quality products at fair prices backed by exceptional services.

Company History:

1990:   Duro Trading established.

1992:   First gate motor designed and manufactured.

2002:   Dts512 gate motor designed.

2004:   Dts Security products established.

2008:   Improved PCB designed including world class features – Gate alarm, Dynamic slowdown, Dip switchable gate direction.

These features go a long way to prevent high jacking, theft and theft of gate motor.

2011:   Megashock 5 Energizer with build in receiver and secure remote arming and disarming introduced to the market

2012:   Launch of Universal Timer with 8 different features and functions

2014:   Launch of PCBSL100 PC-Board with solar ready feature

2015:   Gcom520 GSM controller developed

2016:   Launch of DTS Octo Transmitter

2018:   Introduced the DTS R100, 200 & 300 receiver with onboard timer and 220V relay

2021:   MULTI PC-Board with High Access and 16V AC transformer connection with solar ready function introduced

Founders of Duro Trading Supplies:

» Linton Schmidt & Grant Schmidt
» David Mac Vay became a member in October 1996

Directors of Dts Security Products:

» Linton Schmidt, Maryke Schmidt

General Statistics of Company:

Dts Security products consist of 2 branches:
Spartan (Head Office) and Pretoria

Number of staff currently employed at DTS:

Pretoria Branch – 3 

Spartan: Sales – 8 Manufacturing – 22

Total – 35 Staff members (including directors)